JTQ Inc.
ADDRESS Suzufusa bld 4F, 1-16-12 Kamimeguro Meguro-ku
Tokyo, 153-0051 Japan
TEL +81-3-3711-9499
FAX +81-3-3711-9492
MAIL info@jtq.jp

Photo by Kenshu Shintsubo

CEO of JTQ Inc. | Space Composer

Born in 1965. Establishes a spatial creative company: JTQ by 2002. Handles various industry's events, commercial spaces, revitalization of local communities, branding a creative city and utilizes "the Synergestic Branding" under the belief of "Transmitting a message of media that made of the space.". Advocates his own method of space development "Space Compose" and his experienced designs that is combined an environment issues and a situations, has attracted attentions from various industries. As main projects: Kansei Japan Design Exhibition at Museum Decorative Arts in Paris, Commemoration of the 1300 Anniversary of Heian-kyo capital at Nara "Hikari Emaki", NIKE WHITEDUNK, YOHJI YAMAMOTO BRANDING, GINZA SIX Grand opening ceremony, LEXUS meets…“HIBIYA” at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, meme nippon project "Yakushi-ji Temple Hikari Kyouya ~inori~", Digital Green City project and more.

[Digital Hollywood University Graduate School] Associate Professor Spatial Composition Study
[Mebuku Ground Inc.] Chief Creative Officer

[General Incorporated Association Media Ambition Tokyo] Chairman
[General Incorporated Association AiCT Consortium] Executive Advisor
[General Incorporated Foundation Culture Vision Japan] Advisor
[General Incorporated Association dialogue] Vice Chairman

[izuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture Super City] Conception Advisor
[Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture Super City Smart City Promotion] architect
[Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture Regional Revitalization Promoting] Fellow(Digitalization and Smart City)
[Eiheiji Temple, Fukui Prefecture "Zen no Sato"] Conception Advisor
[Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture Regional Revitalization Promoting] Advisor
[Takahama, Fukui Prefecture Regional Revitalization Promoting] Advisor

[Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry] Fukushima Reconstruction Planning Group "The Place for Creating Projects" Advisor
[Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry] Union of Chiefs for Promotion of Regional Revitalization by Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic 2020 Advisor
[Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan] Cultural Resource Contents Creating Project go along with Japan Cultural EXPO
[Ministry of Foreign Affairs] JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles Spatial Composer

  JTQ Inc.
ADDRESS Suzufusa bld 4F, 1-16-12 Kamimeguro Meguro-ku
Tokyo, 153-0051 Japan
TEL +81-3-3711-9499
FAX +81-3-3711-9492
MAIL info@jtq.jp


What's JTQ

JTQ is a professional group pursuing “Sending messages through space as ultimate media”
How we can improve the quality of communication among people by making best use of space which is absolute values of everlasting truth.
A mechanism making that appeals to human emotion, which is usually difficult to express by marketing data or existing strategy, is the framework of creativeness.

Space is a stage.
The stage is created by people’s feeling who visit there.
The feeling is “Expectation”, “Impression” and “Memory” That is, space is a stage where various energies are circulating and responding, but not to be bound by materialized form.

A method of materialize our will to the goal.
Face people with their “Expectation”, “Impression” and “Memory”.
We named this idea 【Space Compose[Playing in space and compose it ]】
Combine and express all the existing elements in the space and sublimate them into our will.
Now is the time, when brands and communications as they ought to be has been changing on a large scale, that’s why we seek and catch something essential to be convinced.
That’s the core competence and significance of JTQ.