meme nippon project 『Yakushi-ji Hikari Kyouya -inori-』

JUN 2022

meme nippon project 『Yakushi-ji Hikari Kyouya -inori-』

Our CEO Junji Tanigawa joins the new project 「meme nippon project」that is organized by Dwango inc. as an artistic director and this project is harmonized “Pray”, “Traditional Performance” and “Newest Technology”.  As a delightful 1st project, 「1st movement 『Yakushi-ji Hikari Kyouya -inori-』~Kabuki, Tomori, Hibiki no yuube~*」will take place with a special guest Shidou Nakamura the Kabuki performer and Daisuke Yokosawa the CCO of Dwango inc. at Yakushi-ji Temple, which is the World Heritage Site on July 16th and 17th 2022.
*meaning; Yakushi-ji Temple, Brighten night with echo. -Pray- ~the night of Kabuki, Torch and Echo~

The world has totally changed. Our lives that we used to, which got confused because of invisible virus. Moreover, the conflicts between countries are showed us the cruel reality that the time of safe and comfort is not eternal. One of the big changes of time has made our sense’s turning. Japan has been had steps from the ancient time with a feeling for all thankful creations through people’s life and people thinks a many of gods that not able to count dwells to everything.

Made in Japan. The authentic techniques and spirits are inherited from the past to the next generation. The combination of lively our life and Japanese culture creates an identical unique harmony. This is the <meme nippon project> that is aim to inherit the senses and aesthetics, which made of Japanese spirit and the gene of culture that passed down from past for next generation.

1st venue is the World Heritage Site “Yakushi-ji Temple” at Nara prefecture. Performers, artists, and creators are over the genre and presents an own creation “The Atmosphere of Pray” that is blended an aesthetic of Japan. Yakushi-ji Temple, the place has a history of 1300 years and we would like to share the greatest moment when the brand new history will made with a lot of people as much as we could invite. We are going to take place “Torch Serving of Pray” that lights up Yakushi-ji Temple with participant’s pray after the performances.
We will see you soon where the Western old capital at summer night.

meme nippon project
「1st movement 『Yakushi-ji Hikari Kyouya -inori-』~Kabuki, Tomori, Hibiki no yuube~*」
*meaning; Yakushi-ji Temple, Brighten night with echo. -Pray- ~the night of Kabuki, Torch and Echo~

Housou-syu Daihonzan Yakushi-ji Temple

○Co-create and performance at in front of Daikoudou. (Main building)
The monk of Yakushi-ji Temple

-Picture screening at Daikoudou
Picture direction:WOW

- Kabuki performance (New title) ”Rurikou”
Scription:Kazuhisa Tobe
Direction, Choreograph:Kanjuurou Fujima
Actors:Shidou Nakamura and others

○Co-swingy space at Jikidou
Sound Installation

○Torch Serving of Pray (after the performance)

○Yakushi-ji limited entry and appreciation
Amida Sanson Joudo-zu painted by Toshio Tabuchi the master
Okaratsu Saiiki Hekiga painted by Ikuo Hirayama the master

Main organizer:Dwango inc.
Creation:Dwango.inc / JTQ / WOW / See by Your Ears
Machines :Prizm co ltd.
Calligraphy:Mariko Kinoshita
Special cooperation:Yakushi-ji Temple


【Archives】 https://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv337525007