Digital Green City

AUG 2022

Digital Green City

"Citizens calls this national rural concept in Japan as a Digital Green City. People heads for the city planning that tried to take a great resolution by them though consider from a perspective of digitally and greenely(that is also sustainable). Locals keeps in minds the story through the each single of events and projects. This is the essence of opt-in society and we are recognized the importance of co-helping again and again. This is a Digital Green City as a city planning that is left from past to next generation."

This words from Nakamura Shoujiro (RIP March 2022). He was a first architect that Smart City Project in Aizu Wakamatsu as a leader in order to implement the smart society in Japan. We are carried and designed this will from old friend to next generation.

The will of this logo ,
・The goal is to share a better worldview for the community with a motif that everyone can easily to relate and involving not only citizens but also people from outside the city and concerned people in the project.
・To nurture attachment to the community and diversity through the activities.
・To share the same worldview among participating companies and regions in Japan that are engaged in the same activities and to foster a sense of solidarity.

The green acorn is the symbol.
・Acorns are a symbol of co-helping that connecting a time and places to expand the forest.
・ Acorns are scattered little by little across the landscape with the help of wind, terrain, insects, and animals and it makes the forest expanding with take a time and nurturing an ecosystem.
・Insects eat the green acorns from the trees and drop them to the ground in addition, animals carries them away and bury them in the soil to survive the winter, and the uneaten acorns sprout and grow into trees, expanding the forest when we forget about them.
・The acorns that are left sprout behind and its becomes trees and spread the forest.
・There are 22 species of acorns endemic to Japan. They vary in shape, size and distribution. They symbolize the individuality and diversity of the region.
・Young acorns are still in the process of growth and it symbolized expectations for the future.

This Digital Green City logo and design form are copyright-free. Everyone is free to use them for the realization of a digital co-helping society. You can download the materials and creative manual from the link below.

Digital Green City Logo Guideline

Digital Green City Logo