JTQ Statement

APR 2017

JTQ Statement

There are people we want to meet.
Places we want to go.
Sights we want to see.
Food we want to eat.
And emotions we want to feel.
Our dreams are what make our lives rich.
Giving people something to dream about—that’s our new mission.

There is a culture that draws people from around the world
like a magnet.
It has produced arts and practices based on concepts of peace and balance, refined and handed down over the course of centuries.
There is a timelessness to these arts and practices, not simply in terms of historical value, but also in the way they mesh the cutting-edge with the traditional.
Today, these arts and practices define a forward-thinking, beautiful chaos guided by an aesthetic mindset developed over the course of two millennia.

Destination, Japan—the country we want to explore.

This is the message we need to hand down to the next generation.
Works produced by those who passionately engage in cultural activities need to be shared with those who do not, in the hope that they will recognize and embrace their value.
Only then, the rewarded effort will be transformed into its pride.
But the qualities of these works are intangible.

So what can we do to make these to be tangible to the world?

This is the question that drives our mission.

Junji Tanigawa, JTQ Inc.